Change the color of Exchange or Outlook calendars in Google Calendar

How to change the colors of Outlook/Exchange calendars in Google Calendar for Android.

If you have an Android phone and connect your Microsoft Exchange/Outlook account to sync your calendars, you'll notice that you cannot change the color of the calendar the same way you can with your Google Calendars.

Normally, to change the color of your calendar, you would:

- Open Google Calendar.
- Click Settings.
- Select your calendar.

You would see a "Color" setting. When clicked, it allows you to select from one of the many predefined colors that Google provides. But this setting does not appear for Exchange/Outlook calendars.

To get around this, you will need to install a third-party app called "Calendar Colors" by slintes. Once installed, simply open the app and give it access to your calendars when it prompts you. Then it's as simple as selecting your calendar and choosing any color you would like.

After configuring the calendar colors, go back to your Google Calendar app, and your colors should be updated!

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